Lea and Leila


6/7 - 6/28/14 Exhibition: Always Listen to Your Art: Sonic Experiments at One Mile Gallery

7/13/14 solo performance at JACK, Brooklyn. With Bhob Rainey

7/15/14 @ Silent Barn. Lea + Leila Duo with Alan Licht+Aki Onda, White Suns

NOW AVAILABLE NOW AVAILABLE NOW AVAILABLE "Resonance Shapes" New solo LP. $20 USD International please add $12 USD. Comes with digital download.



 "Resonance Shapes: Resonance Shapes is the much anticipated vinyl debut of New York-based experimental composer, improvisor, and sound artist Lea Bertucci...The compositions embrace an expanse of quietude that’s carefully punctuated by the reverberating progression of her meticulously collaged resonances." More..