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All That is Solid Melts Into Air

Cassettte/Download on NNA Tapes

"These challenging, durational works tease a range of sounds and narratives out of these instruments, experimenting with how they resonate in the distinctive spaces in which they were recorded." - Pitchfork

"Spacious and fluid" - The New York Times


Axis/Atlas cassette and digital release on Clandestine Compositions

Praise for Axis/Atlas - A Closer Listen - Spin - Vital Weekly - The Out Door - Big Takeover

Sold Out





L'Onde Souterraine - Duo record with Leila Bordreuil on Telegraph Harp Records.





Light Silence, Dark Speech Solo 7-inch on I Dischi Del Barone Records.

Artist copies sold out. Order direct from IDDB

"Very boss" - Byron Coley, The Wire Magazine




Resonance Shapes - From Obsolete Units, Co-release with Cibachrome Editions.

Custom packaging with clear LP. Edition of 300.

"A grand exploration of the possibilities inherent in sound" - Richard Allen, A Closer Listen


"Lea Bertucci – Resonance Shapes: Resonance Shapes is the much anticipated vinyl debut of New York-based experimental composer, improvisor, and sound artist Lea Bertucci. Over two sides and four compositions, Bertucci weaves a suite of tape-focused compositions which utilize a vast library of sources, including her trademark bass clarinet (which she put to exquisite use at the center of her past work in TwistyCat as well as her many solo and collaborative performances), bowed vibraphone, various percussive implements, and mysterious field recordings take from her homestead of Brooklyn, Southern Utah, and areas unnamed. The compositions embrace an expanse of quietude that’s carefully punctuated by the reverberating progression of her meticulously collaged resonances. The album’s title is thus most apt as Bertucci’s patient focus and eclectic and tolerant ear build beautifully potent and dynamic structures out of the incidental and unexpected. Her art fits confidently and boldly alongside likeminded seekers such as Moniek Darge, Graham Lambkin, Vanessa Rossetto, The Hafler Trio, and Luc Ferrari. A must for anybody interested in modern experimental composition and sound art. Coke-bottle clear vinyl packaged in a translucent sleeve designed and printed by Bertucci herself. Edition of 300." - Paul Haney

Track #3 from RESONANCE SHAPES. Tape Collage




GRAND STAIRCASE (2012) - Limited Edition (20) Endless Loop Cassette. Solo self-release with handmade artwork. Blissed out lapsteel guitar shaped into mountains and canyons. $15 USD Sold out

grand staircase


CONTROLLED BURN - Ed Bear/Lea Bertucci Duo (aka Twistycat) - CD Released on Peira Records May 2012. This release by Ed Bear and Lea Bertucci, (aka Twistycat), marks a sonic and formal departure from previous recordings. Simultaneously minimal and lush, structured improvisations are ornamented with vibraphone and AM radio textures. Employing electroacoustic/extended techniques, they explore microtonal harmony to create a slowly shifting sonic space that reverberates with a mournful transcendence. Edtion of 100. $10 USD Sold out



CARILLON - Lea solo cassette on Obsolete Units. Lush tape collage and electroacoustic Bass Clarinet. Debut solo recording, 2012. $5 USD

"A dexterous exploration of modern day tape music and woodwind composition, Carillon is the solo recording debut of TwistyCat member Lea Bertucci. A compendium of principles both familiar and unforeseen in Bertucci’s work, this cassette consists of two long pieces both similarly sharing a distinct fondness for the potency of tape as a musical means. The title piece superimposes Bertucci’s celebrated bass clarinet playing over found recorded sounds and amplified room textures, thus generating a sparsely oscillating work woven tightly within the warm confines of the cassette format. Her second composition represents a rather radical departure from her recordings with TwistyCat, this piece existing as a collage of sonics falling on deeply atonal and discordant planes. Here she reigns in her auditory tools until all sounds are gestated into a distinctly eerie and delicately beguiling essence. As a whole, Carillon is a powerfully visionary and penetrating statement that is to be expected from an artist of Bertucci’s talent. Highly recommended for fans of the work of Christina Kubisch, Luc Ferrari, and Pauline Oliveros. Pro-dubbed/pro-printed edition of 100."


SOLAR PLEXUS - Ed Bear/Lea Bertucci Duo (aka Twistycat) - Cassette on Obsolete Units. $5 USD



ULTRA LOW FREQUENCY OBJECT by Ed Bear and Lea Bertucci. Endless Loop Cassette on Obsolete Units 2010 (Out of Print)

BORE HOLE by Ed Bear and Lea Bertucci. Cassette on Baked Tapes, 2008. (Out of Print)

MEGAFAUNA/MEGAFLORA - Double CD with Ed Bear. Improvisations in a cement mine. (Out of Print)